(Rankings are not division rated, based on team vs team match ups)

1. CENTRAL 7-1 – Has the best offense in the valley with a loaded backfield, no question of gelling after that Liberty game. Killing off opponents so far and don’t expect that to change anytime soon. Only Buchanan and Clovis West are talented enough to possibly challenge, possibly… I’m gonna be honest, its valley championship or bust for this talented Central squad. Played an excellent game against De La Salle pulling within 5 points at one point. Face a very tough Buchanan squad that like to pound the rock down your throat, will the Central Defensive line be up to the task? Won a extremely close game against Buchanan and Trent Tompkins showed why he should have about 10 more scholarships at this point.
2. CLOVIS WEST 7-1 – A team with immense potential. Junior QB Dante Chachere can do similar things to A Martinez so keep an eye on him in the playoffs. If Buchanan is the Dark Horse this team is the Knight riding just ahead of the Bears. The Golden Eagles destroy a Rocklin squad they lost a close one to last year with Martinez at the helm. QB Dante Chachere is the real deal! Centennial is next up on the plate. Should handle the Broncos in their first league matchup but you never know in the TRAC. Play Buchanan for 2nd place in the TRAC. This will be a battle! Originally I thought CW would take this matchup by 3 points but after watching last week The Bears will win by a touchdown in my opinion.
3. BUCHANAN 6-2 – The true Dark horse of Division 1 this year. One of the best thunder and lighting duos at RB in Milton and Ervin. If Bailey gets the nod and lives up to his potential watch out! They beat a loaded Liberty team by a Touchdown and verified my leapfrogging Liberty before the game. Can anyone stop the ground attack? The Bears are a very solid team, can this be their year? Facing the toughest test of the year against Central Thursday night only the #1 team will be victorious. This team showed me a lot Thursday night against Central. They had the game won and made a mistake with 2:00 mins left. Not the fumble, giving Trent Tompkins the ball needing a score was their problem.
4. TULARE UNION 8-0– The fastest RB in the valley Kazmeir Allen complimented by two more stars at WR and QB this team may get in a few shoot outs but should win D-2 this year. Continue to dominate games, who will challenge Tulare Union?. Union keeps rolling, first test vs Dinuba this week. Will it actually be a test? The D-2 Valley favorites at this point. The only team that will challenge the Tribe before playoffs is Western. I said Challenge not beat. Their may not be a team this year that will beat the Tribe if they stay healthy.
5. BAKERSFIELD 4-4 – Well I thought they would have played their last two opponents closer, I was wrong. Got beat by a Top 5 state ranked Chaminade team but it wasn’t close. I still think they will beat Liberty in a close one so strength of schedule comes into play here. We will see a more accurate gauge of this talented team come league play. I’m guessing 5-0 but I could be wrong by one game. Lost an unexpected one to Garces 18-20 but I’m not selling 100% yet.
6. LIBERTY 4-4– Has a very solid team in all facets of the game. Got beat by a tough Buchanan squad but a still a strong contender. They have the second toughest schedule in the section and should play the Drillers for the league title. Playing everyone tough but keeps finding a way too lose. Found a way to beat a tough Frontier team. Will the Pate turn the page?
7. EDISON 4-4 – In my opinion one of the best defense in the Central Section this year. Multiple D-1 scholarship players all over. The Tigers need to put up points to win, still cant manage too. Finally achieving their first win of the season under Jason Murrays leadership. This is what I thought scores would have looked like all year. Its not how you start its how you finish. Keep an eye on this talented team! If this team can find an offense they could be seeing Central deep in the playoffs. Finally playing solid football the Tigers will be dangerous in the playoffs. SJM will be a good test for the CMAC Championship.
8. CLOVIS 6-2 – A solid but not overwhelming team in the Cougars this year. Big up front and solid on defense but no one says star to me on this squad but coaching will keep them in the hunt. Barely Slipped by Bullard who else will they slip by? The Cougars are finding ways to grind out victories. Tough squad. Clovis East on the plate this week, I see the Cougars in the win column this week. Cougars keep fnding a way to win, their streak will be halted this weak by the best team in the section Central.
9. SJM 7-1– The most stacked Panther team I have seen in a long time. They are Solid on both sides of the ball, if they can stay injury free we should see them and ? in the big show. Were dominating at the half 35-7 over Garces but they managed to let the Rams get close in the second half. The panthers have to finish games to have a chance at their first CMAC championship in a while. Solid win over a talented Sunnyside team. They closed it out in the second half which is a good sign. The Tigers are in their sights but can they outscore the Tigers? Not sure, Edison is by far the best defense the Panthers will see all year.
10. BULLARD 4-4 – This team is an good line play on both sides away from being in every game. They seemed to have righted the ship but should see mixed results in the CMAC. Just like that, the Knights are back! Clicking on all cylinders the Knights will win 2 more games maybe 3 in league.
11. SANGER 7-1 – They have a new coach Pena, new QB Wolfe and the same results, wins. Sanger continues to roll up their opponents but that will change come league. Probably 8-2 worst case scenario. Solid team that keeps winning but besides Cropper lacking the big play makers of a year ago.
12. TULARE WESTERN 8-0 – A young loaded Mustang team has Solid play in the offensive backfield and should challenge Tulare Union for the EYL crown. Can they beat BC and SJM? I don’t think so. Another solid win for the Mustangs, they just keep winning. Winnable game vs Fresno this week should put them in a good position for league play.
13. CVC 7-1 – A very talented Cavalier team led but two way Sophomore sensation Jalen Renning and explosive WR/CB Brian Noel who has 3 Td’s already can challenge any team in D-4 look for them to go deep in the playoffs. CVC Proved their the real deal by knocking off the favorite in division 3 Bakersfield Christian. Watch out for the Cavaliers! 5-0. Ill take bets, CVC will be in the Valley Championship!
14. FRONTIER 5-3 – The Titans have a big O-Line, run first mentality and a stud RB in Junior Ernest Jackson. If they can mold together as one efficient unit under their new coach watch out D-2. Got their revenge on Ridgeview and will go 5-0 until their first true test in Liberty week 6. Officially 5-0 now its time to prove they aren’t a fluke against a tough Liberty team looking for wins. Lost to Liberty but look to right the ship this week but can they? SWYL is a tough place to find wins.
15. BAKERSFIELD CHRISTIAN 7-1 – The Eagles Offense and whole team centers around Star QB Brandon Wingle. His injury was mild but they need to keep him upright to take D-3. Brandon needs to get healthy and week 2 proved that. Going 3-1 now and look to continue their streak. Keep rolling behind the arm of Wingle.
16. DINUBA 7-1- Great QB play, runs the ball efficient and solid defense are a few things that describe the Emperors this year. Will they win D-2? A little too early to tell but they are talented. Outscored their first two opponents 79-0 through week 2. Tougher matchup this week against El Diamante but week 5 vs. Tulare Union will be the battle of the year for this talented Emperor squad.
17. REDWOOD 4-4 – A solid Ranger squad is hard to judge. I want to give them the WYL crown now but it depends on Junior QB Hector Gonzalez’s development. Solid squad in a lot of key areas. They let another one slip and their ranking slipped just beyond the top 25. I expect this team to be back in it but they need to right the sip with a big win this week. Still struggling, the Rangers need to get on track for league play to make a run at Golden West. Big win against Golden West, the WYL is open for the taking.
18. GOLDEN WEST 7-1– The main challenger for Redwood and probably the favorite in the WYL this year. The Trailblazers come in with a solid Senior QB Payton Allen and a stud on defense Josh Summers. Can this be the year they take it? One name, RB Gonzo Gonzalez. Watch out D-4! Shut out Madera South in commanding fashion. This may be the best Trailblazers squad in 20 years! At this point they will probably take the WYL, just saying…Well I should have stuck with my original prediction of Redwood winning the WYL. Redwood won the match vs this tough Golden West team last week.
19. RIDGEVIEW 4-4 – They lost some talent from last year due to graduation and a few transfers but don’t let that fool you. This is still a dangerous Wolfpack team and they that showed week 1. Was knocked off by foe Frontier but will get some wins this year. This team is finding a way to win big games. I couldn’t have predicted the Liberty victory.
20. GARCES 3-5 – This young Rams squad is starting to play their best football at the right time. They do the unthinkable and beat the Drillers on a late field goal. This Garces team is getting good but they are gonna have to win again this week to really jump up in the rankings.
21. CENTENNIAL 3-5 – The Golden hawks need to ramp up their offense to be considered a Dark Horse. took out a tough Golden Valley squad 28-14. Lost a game they should have won to Bullard. They keep playing everyone close like Liberty just not as good overall as the Patriots. Beat Stockdale in commanding fashion 30-9, next up Garces.
22. SUNNYSIDE 5-3 – Big expectations going into this year were slightly halted after an over confident Wildcat squad found a way to let their game vs Clovis North slip away. The Wildcats are back in business boys! Beat Roosevelt in an extremely close games where both sides made too many mistakes but the NYL is now theirs to lose.
23. KERMAN 7-1 – The Lions are playing inspired football the last 4 weeks look for this team to continue their steak and who knows what will happen come playoffs. Solid QB play by recent Wyoming commit Sean Chambers will keep this team in all of their games this year.
24. SELMA 6-2 – The Selma surprise season is over but this team still is solid and the team to beat in D-4. Star Junior QB Ramirez and Tiveon Stroud(Once back on the field) will get this team wins. A close call in week two vs Washington Union, look for Selma too bounce back big in week 3 against Reedley. Selma keeps on rolling in Division 4 with a huge defensive win over Roosevelt.
25. INDEPENDENCE 6-2 – This talented Flacon squad is good enough to challenge Ridgeview but I’m not sure they can beat them yet. Talented team overall.

26. LIBERTY RANCHOS 6-2 – This Hawks team is the real deal and if they win this week they should find themselves in the Top 25. At this pace they will take league and challenge for division 4! This team is good! But are they Valley Championship good? Roth Brothers… enough said.
27. MADERA 4-4 – This Coyotes team started out with a loss but has howled back to 4 wins in a row! This Madera squad has fully bought in to Yosef Fares plan after failing to win a game last year. This program is headed in the right direction.
28. STRATHMORE 8-0 – They are the top of Division 6 but this is a head to head poll not a divisional one. They may crack the top 25 eventually but I have to see more.
29. ROOSEVELT 5-3– I repeat, This may turn out to be one of the best teams in Roosevelt history. Dos Palos win, check. QB Jordan De La Rosa is among the best in the Central Section and will be the best ever at Roosevelt if he can claim the D-4 ring. Responded to their close loss to Mendota with a victory over Washington Union. The Rough Riders need to finish games better. Lost a tough one vs Selma last week but how will this Riders team respond?